Multi Spindle Turning provide a more cost effective solution to commercial products with less demanding tolerances than CNC parts. Typical batch sizes would be upwards of 5000 and a maximum diameter of 45mm.

Conventional Multi Spindle Turning

At Witon we have a section within the factory committed to conventional Multi Spindle turning, with 6 different types of Wickman; 1 3/4″, 1 3/8″, 1″and 30mm. A large enough variety to allow optimization of order to specific machine to achieve the best possible cycle time and finished product whilst maintaining its cost effectiveness. Scope sizes range from 25mm to 45mm

CNC Multi Spindle Turning

Witons dedication and ever ongoing investment into being at the forefront of cutting edge technology, means that Witon also own three Index MS32’s. A Multi Spindle turning machine capable rapid production without any disruption to quality or finish of the final component.

Some of the additional features these Multi Spindles offer;

  • Speed control for optimal cutting speeds, favourable chip breaking, and short cycle times
  • Twelve independently working CNC-controlled tool slides, optionally with one or two axis
  • Complete machining with driven tools in all spindle positions
  • Particularly suitable for part families due to flexible setup and fast changeover
  • High dampening effect of hydrostatically guided Z-axis