In addition to our turning service that we offer, we also offer to assemble your components.

Let us turn your parts, buy the o-rings, buy the glue, design the fixtures, assemble them together, package and deliver ready for use, so you don’t have to!

Exampled below are images of previous assembly items that have been produced. Assembly of components varies depending on their required purpose, some assembly items have bands placed round them and coatings in the threads, others are screwed into their relative component and some have other component attached to the main body of the component. All of these are assured for quality and then shipped ready for use by you on arrival.


Requests are also complied with in regards to the final products delivery status and more examples being; components finish, semi permanent / temporary markings for identification reasons and other means of separation, identification or even packaging type, box, bag, tray, netting, layer packed, etc.

Full Traceability

All orders are shipped with tickets which have followed the components through the processes. A full traceability report can be produced for that order of components using the unique Works Order number on the ticket. Providing information such as counts, processes passed through, scrap (if any) and reason for scrap, etc.