We specialise in the manufacture of precision turned parts, of various designs, for a variety of industries. We have a wide range of machinery on site capable of producing a huge variety of components, with an extremely skilled workforce. We strive for prompt response times to queries, solid customer feedback and consistently top quality parts..

Breakdown of Services

To cater for the services we offer, we have a variety of types of machinery. Each with their own benefits for different types of parts.

  • CNC Sliding Head – Low-medium Volume. Specialist Area – Long Spindles
  • CNC Fixed Head – Low-medium Volume. Specialist Area – Large Heavy Machining
  • CNC Multi Spindle – High Volume Multispindle CNC Parts

Part Assembly

Witon will not only produce turned parts for you but, if part of an assembly, we will also buy the required o-rings, glue or fixtures to assemble the item into its final product state. We assemble, and have the order prepared, ready for next stage production instantly on arrival with our customer.